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Speed up your computer and your Internet connection Speed

I'm certain you've approached many stories and alike suggestions from some of your acquaintance's on how to get your computer to move in a speedier fashion. Many seem to accord you recommendations, but your still in a grind and your fed up! Calm yourself, take a deep breath and let me provide you with some easy pointers. It's really not that hard to speed up your Internet and make it faster. I will accomplish this with some simple pointers for you and you do not have to be a computer nerd to accomplish this to work.

The number one thing to remember is to never download a program without reading the terms and conditions. Free software programs will usually ask you to download a toolbar so they can justify giving away a program for free. This means your browser will be taken over by a toolbar that will make your browser speed alot slower. Sometimes you will be bombarded with spyware and the like and things will get progressively worse. So make sure to uncheck any additional software that the publisher would like for you to download.

So if your like many and your computer is just not working as fast as it did when you first purchased it then you need to get rid off the spyware and all the critters that are lurking on your computer. Clean up your internet cache, make sure you run windows disk defragmenter and complete a virus scan every week or so to make sure that there are no computer viruses that are causing the problem. I also highly recommend only starting programs that are necessary to run and that you need when you first start your computer. This will speed up your computer because lass programs load on startup. There is a good article on how to achieve this here.

So now that I gave you some brief pointers on fixing your computer and Internet speed problems, let me give you the best advice you can get and what I do personally.

Depending on your browser; Firefox, Internet explorer or Google Chrome this is how I've eliminated most of my problems.

I use Mozilla Firefox, so if you use another browser the steps are pretty much the same.

1- Open up Firefox and go to tools and then options.

2- Next go to privacy and you will see on top Firefox will:

3- Choose never remember history, this will basically delete all files, cookies and browsing history when you close Firefox. If you want to have your browser to remember history or maybe cookies you can choose use custom history and apply setting that you feel are beneficial to your surfing habits.

In conclusion if you follow some of these basic steps you will have a fast computer with more speed and your DSL or high speed connection will also seem faster!

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