Sunday, June 20, 2010

Three Reasons Why You Can't Speed Up Your Internet Connection

Discover How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection

The common problem with internet users anywhere in the world is having a slow internet connection that it hinders them from performing any important tasks they need to accomplish in a certain time or day. When you relay on computers with regards to your work or even personal life, it's important that you know some techniques when it comes to having a faster connection so you can easily and quickly finish your online appointments or tasks. But in order to fix your internet connection problems, you must first find out the causes behind it so you can really treat the problem with the proper tools or solutions.

The Reasons Behind a Slow Internet Connection

You don't need to immediately jump up into conclusion that your internet provider is the culprit of your sluggish net connection because sometimes the following three reasons are the real root of your net connection problems:

· Virus Infected Computer

Having your PC infested with online viruses is the main cause of most connection delay. These viruses are able to interrupt and damage vital documents or files that will then result to a slow connection. As viruses enter your system, they can possibly reproduce and flourish yet not showing any evidence of their system movements. You can simply get rid of these risky viruses by installing powerful anti-virus software that will repair the infected area of your PC, as well protecting the most vulnerable area on your computer - which is the windows registry - against the dreaded attack of worst those online viruses.

· Overloaded Hard Disk

Another problem why it seems hard for you to have a fast connection is because your hard disk is loaded with so many unnecessary files or programs. These excess stuffs will eat up the free space on your hard disk and RAM, causing a slow movement in your internet. If you want to maintain a speed up internet connection, you should always clean up your computer and recycle bins from any garbage that may clog up your hard disk or RAM.

· Excessive Cookies and Files and Browsing History

Storing files, cookies and browsing history is not harmful on the speed of their internet can be one factor why your internet connection is on the low side. Resolve this problem by eliminating them from your web browser settings wherein it keeps every detail of the saved passwords, cookies, browsing history and search bar contents. Another trick is to set up your browser where it will automatically delete those unnecessary things each time you turn off your computer. This will not only help you speed your internet connection but will also get rid of viruses or unsafe program you accidentally downloaded over the internet.

Experience a Speed Up Internet Connection

It is better that you detect the setbacks that stop you from having a speed up internet connection so you don't have to ruin your work or any important activities you do online. In case you can't figure out what's really wrong with your connection, you can seek the help of internet assistance solutions that will offer you tips and solutions on how your internet connection can have a full blast speed.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

How to DSL Speed Up Your Internet Connection - 3 Beginner Steps to Make Your Internet Extremely Quick Test

As the Internet has become such an important part of our lives, many people are now looking for solutions to why their connection might be slow. Fortunately, there are several ways you can make your Internet run much faster, and this article is going to detail 3 beginner steps you can take to fix the problems that could be causing it to run slowly, allowing your connection to run as fast as it possibly can:

1) Test The "Naked Speed" Of Your Connection - The "naked speed" of your Internet connection is the speed at which your connection is running without any interference from the like of your software or other parts of your system. To test the speed of your system, you should search for "Broadband Speed Test" on Google and click the first link. This will show you a site which will impartially show you the speed of your connection, allowing you to gage whether you need to talk to your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or not about updating it. One of the biggest problems that causes slow Internet connections is the way in which Internet companies don't send the right connection speed to your premises, causing a lot of trouble.

2) Close / Uninstall Programs That "Hog" The Internet - Unfortunately, there are a lot of software programs that you can install on your PC that constantly use up too much Internet connection, making it seem slower. This is a big problem because your connection basically works by coming down as a big "pizza" and each program you use on your PC takes a slice out of this pizza each time you use them. Such programs as Instant Messengers and email programs take a lot of Internet connection, making it slower for the programs you might want to use at the time, such as a web browser. To fix this, close down any program that you're not using or uninstall programs you think might be taking up Internet bandwidth unnecessarily.

3) Clean Out The "Registry" Of Windows - The registry is a database which Windows uses to store vital information and settings for your PC. It's where everything from your latest emails to your Internet favorites are stored, and is used constantly every time you use Windows. Unfortunately, the registry is also one of the biggest reasons why Internet connections seem to run slow, because of the way that your browser or another Internet-based application is constantly saving it in the wrong way. Whenever you want to use the Internet, it's using 100's of settings to help it process all the data from the Internet, and if any of those settings from inside the registry are damaged, many computers will end up running slowly & unable to process websites and Internet commands very quickly. This problem might seem minor, but it's actually the biggest cause of slow Internet speeds and in order to fix it, you should use a 'registry cleaner' to fix all the potentially damaged parts of the registry, allowing your computer to process all the settings it needs instantly, making your Internet run faster.

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Article Source: [] How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection - 3 Beginner Steps to Make Your Internet Extremely Quick

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Speed up your computer and your Internet connection Speed

I'm certain you've approached many stories and alike suggestions from some of your acquaintance's on how to get your computer to move in a speedier fashion. Many seem to accord you recommendations, but your still in a grind and your fed up! Calm yourself, take a deep breath and let me provide you with some easy pointers. It's really not that hard to speed up your Internet and make it faster. I will accomplish this with some simple pointers for you and you do not have to be a computer nerd to accomplish this to work.

The number one thing to remember is to never download a program without reading the terms and conditions. Free software programs will usually ask you to download a toolbar so they can justify giving away a program for free. This means your browser will be taken over by a toolbar that will make your browser speed alot slower. Sometimes you will be bombarded with spyware and the like and things will get progressively worse. So make sure to uncheck any additional software that the publisher would like for you to download.

So if your like many and your computer is just not working as fast as it did when you first purchased it then you need to get rid off the spyware and all the critters that are lurking on your computer. Clean up your internet cache, make sure you run windows disk defragmenter and complete a virus scan every week or so to make sure that there are no computer viruses that are causing the problem. I also highly recommend only starting programs that are necessary to run and that you need when you first start your computer. This will speed up your computer because lass programs load on startup. There is a good article on how to achieve this here.

So now that I gave you some brief pointers on fixing your computer and Internet speed problems, let me give you the best advice you can get and what I do personally.

Depending on your browser; Firefox, Internet explorer or Google Chrome this is how I've eliminated most of my problems.

I use Mozilla Firefox, so if you use another browser the steps are pretty much the same.

1- Open up Firefox and go to tools and then options.

2- Next go to privacy and you will see on top Firefox will:

3- Choose never remember history, this will basically delete all files, cookies and browsing history when you close Firefox. If you want to have your browser to remember history or maybe cookies you can choose use custom history and apply setting that you feel are beneficial to your surfing habits.

In conclusion if you follow some of these basic steps you will have a fast computer with more speed and your DSL or high speed connection will also seem faster!

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