Friday, January 02, 2009

Arizona ranks poorly in Internet Speed

In a world where time equals money, Arizona has relatively slow Internet connections that could have real-life business and quality-of-life implications, according to a study done by

Arizona ranked No. 34 among the 50 states for Internet speed at an average 505 kilobits per second (kbps), according to the survey which used a custom-designed SurfSpeed application (a utility that grabs pages from several popular websites to measure actual Internet surfing speed) and pored through data from over 17,000 unique IP addresses.

The state with the fastest Internet speed was Nevada, at 781 kbps. The state you don’t want to get stuck in is New Mexico, where the average SurfSpeed is 322 kbps.

Another finding in the third annual survey is the cable connections are 47 percent faster with phone company DSL. Further, 61 percent of users with cable connections said they were satisfied with the service, where just 27 percent of DSL users said they were satisfied.


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